Fetch device orientation sensor data

I was facing a problem where I needed the exact orientation of the device in its current state. Since Android now can have landscape in both counter-clockwise (this is the default one) and in clockwise direction, I wanted to know which landscape mode it was in precisely.

Following is the code snippet of how to do it:

OrientationEventListener orientationListner = new OrientationEventListener(context,
 public void onOrientationChanged(int orientation)
 Log.v(TAG, "OrientationValue:" + orientation);

The above orientation value is integer angle value starting from 0 to 355 when rotating in counter-clockwise direction.

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Google showcases Android 3.0 ‘Honeycomb’

Google officially showcased Android 3.0 ‘Honeycomb’ at the CES 2011. Specially made for tablets, this version of Android bringing the long awaited UI overhaul to Android, and what a change it is. See the embedded video for the visual reference.

iPhone/pad for the sake of simplicity had just one button at the bottom. Google went ahead and removed them altogether. All there bottom buttons for Back, Home and Menu have been made part of the UI, part of the status bar which contains these button on left and the date, network meter and battery on right. As the screen rotates the buttons go along with them and always remaining at the bottom, making it imaterial how you are holding your device.
One problem that i do foresee is that the user trying to search for his hardware buttons (power, volume, camera) every so often just because the UI is same everywhere.
Im not really sure how they are going to make it happen in phones, but my guess would be the screen extending to where the current buttons reside and a dedicated bar for these buttons.

Whole bunch of new and more useful gadgets, the parallel view concept, new UI for apps like Youtube and Google books, the highly marketed Google Maps 5 with vectorised 3D maps and a colour combination which gives it a very I-am inspired-by-tron feel.

None the less, Gingerbread cleaned the UI, Honeycomb ditched it completely for a new better one.

When is it coming out? Late 2011, for now.
When will you get it? I would say forget it, unless you buy a new device or using Google flagship devices (Nexus one, Nexus S). With companies taking so much time to upgrade from 2.1 to 2.2 (which had no apparent UI change) , I really can’t see them upgrading to 3.0 ever. So brace for cooked rom’s when Honeycomb’s source code gets out.

P.S  – They say its for tablets but as posted here, it has no minimum hardware requirements so I don’t see why it wont come to the phones

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Nexus S coming to India

I start my new blog with this new year with some good news. Nexus S has been announced to be available in India for INR 24k by February. Its still unofficial, but if its comes, then hurray for all the Android lovers in India. 


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